The Paleontological Institute of America (PIA) is a leading authority on the authentication and appraisal of fossils. Its worldwide network includes paleontologists and experts with extensive experience researching and preparing fossil specimens for both scientific and commercial purposes. The primary objective of PIA is to serve as a reliable institution for accurately documenting, authenticating, and valuating select fossils. Accordingly, PIA has been a premier consultant for the verification of many top-tier specimens and has provided numerous comprehensive certifications and appraisals.


President – Micah Gilbert, ISA AM

Micah Gilbert has dedicated his professional career to procuring and selling natural specimens including a significant variety of fossils from all over the world, most notably through his company Empressive Earth Gallery. After years of encountering many fossils that were fakes, composites, misidentified, deceptively restored, etc. he established PIA as an organization that specializes in the authentication and valuation of fossils. Gilbert is a geologist/paleontologist with a bachelor’s degree in geology and master’s degree in mining and geological engineering as well as a Registered Master Valuer and Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) specializing in natural specimens including fossils.


Vice President – Dr. Michael Minotti

Dr. Michael Minotti is a research scientist with a diverse background in the biological sciences. His research has been published in the fields of biochemistry, paleontology and medicine. As a former head and neck surgeon along with his interests in paleontology, Dr. Minotti has developed special interests in the skulls of ancient apex predators. His knowledge and preparation skills have been highly sought after and regarded in the paleontological community.